A closer look

Weatheredge Limestone

Weatheredge Limestone has a range of color tones from medium to light grey with shades of blue, tan and golden veins throughout the stone. The old world feel of this limestone makes it popular for both restoration projects and new builds. Weatheredge Limestone is also available tumbled.

Cuts And Corners

Available Cuts

• Random
• Ledgerock
• Sawn Height

Collection Capabilities

Thinstone Veneer
• 3/4″ – 1 1/4″ thick
• Standard sawn height – 2.25″,5″,7.75″,10.5″
• Northern Collection sawn height – 5″,6″,11.5″
• Flats available in 9 sq.ft. increments
• Corners available in 6 lin.ft.

Finished Slabs
• Available in custom sizes and finishes