A closer look

New York Blend

Our New York Blend stone veneer is named after the state in which it first gained popularity, New York. This product is a two-stone blend, quarried, and hand split with a medium textured surface. The color range consists of approximately 70% grey/blue and a 30% combination of gold, copper, and brown.

Cuts And Corners

Available Cuts

• Ashlar
• Ledge
• Mosaic
• Squared
• Rectangle
• Strip

Collection Capabilities

Thinstone Veneer
• 3/4″ – 1 1/4″ thick
• Flats available in 9 sq.ft. increments
• Corners available in 6 lin.ft.

Fullbed Veneer
• 3″-5″ thickness
• Flats available in 9 sq.ft. increments