A closer look


The Fitzwilliam Collection is an antique granite from the mountains of New Hampshire. A medium textured granite, this unique stone is mostly grey with the occasional white striation and mica. The stone was originally quarried in the early 1900's and has been relatively untouched for decades, creating the weathered exterior and preserved interior.

Cuts And Corners

Available Cuts

• Ashlar
• Ledge
• Mosaic
• Squared
• Strip

Collection Capabilities

Thinstone Veneer
• 3/4″ – 1 1/4″ thick
• Flats available in 9 sq.ft. increments
• Corners available in 6 lin.ft.

Fullbed Veneer
• 3″-5″ thickness
• Flats available in 9 sq.ft. increments

Finished Slabs
• Available in custom sizes and finishes

• Sawn & Thermal Flagging Sawn (gauged) to approx 1.5 thickness
• Approx 90 sq.ft coverage
• Thermal top and sawn bottom
• 1.75-2.25 ton pallets