Stone Capabilities



Stone veneers emphasize a home's natural beauty. This decorative piece looks fantastic both inside and outside the home.


Using authentic stone in a kitchen provides a great look and excellent functionality. Our stone is the perfect surface to chop vegetables, cook dinner, or eat lunch.

Mantles & Corbels

Accentuate any fireplace with an impressive mantelpiece. Each mantelpiece from Crow Hill comes from unique stone from the earth of the United States and Canada.


A hearth can make or break your fireplace aesthetic. With our large variety of quality stone collections, you can find the perfect one to complement your fireplace.

Fence Posts

Want to differentiate your backyard from your neighbors? Using stone makes fences durable, easy to maintain, and beautiful.


Want to avoid maintaining outdoor steps? Stone steps look great and require no extra work after installation.


Turn your backyard into an oasis with a patio stone. Whether you want a modern, clean space for an outdoor dining area or a quirky, fun place for a bar, we can help.


Sills are beautiful architecturally trimmed pieces of natural stone. Natural stone sills are most often used as an accent under a window.


Natural stone caps are carefully crafted and cut to be placed on top of stone walls or structures. These stone caps showcase the organic makeup and natural appeal of the entire architectural project coming together.


Turn your average door or window into an architectural highlight. You can fashion our stone into many different styles to give your home the proper ambiance.


Our quarry-sourced wallstone helps retain and accentuate your walls. Our stone is perfect for garden walls, fish ponds, or landscaping.


Decorate your garden with charming, stone boulders. Boulders give your yard a natural, classical look.